Hi. I’m Andy. I started this vanity website in 1997, when websites were a new thing for vain people. I lost interest for a while but then reactivated it, needing somewhere to post vain (no, enlightening) stories from my trip to Bhutan in October 2015. Bhutan is the country of Gross National Happiness, in the Himalayas between China and India. Pretty much everyone I met there was happy. I was happy. And I will be happy to go back again in November 2016. This time my good friend Kutira will lead us to the less-traveled east of the country, arriving by land from India. You should come along – check it out.

Otherwise, I’m just a guy from Weed, California, trying my best to enjoy our lovely planet and help make it a better place. Once I was a young hippie, then I was an accountant, now I am a hippie again (but a practical one). I do try to relax, yet I have a music management company. This year we’re coordinating the 20th anniversary of Earthdance, the global party for peace. I like peace. I also work with artists such as the emerging country songwriter Matthew Human.

Nature and the environment are important to me. That doesn’t need to conflict with having a sustainable economy, much needed up here. I dabble in building and green real estate, and am also on the board of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, a feisty little nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the area around our amazing mountain. You can donate, or even better, we’re looking for new board members!

For political action, I founded the Siskiyou Forward Movement PAC. Building on the Ecology Center’s earlier work, we collected signatures and qualified an initiative for the November 2016 ballot. It levels the playing field by removing an exemption for water bottling plants from the county groundwater ordinance.

In June 2016 we campaigned against a ballot measure to raise the county sales tax to fund a portion of the matching funds for tripling the size of the county jail. Needing 2/3 voter approval, it lost badly, falling short of even a simple majority. It was good we won this one. A new jail is needed, just not the one they planned – root causes of crime need the county’s attention and funding. It was a hard fought election – we had to work with the ACLU and state officials after reports of voter intimidation. Now there’s lots of work to be done building alliances and encouraging people to get involved and even run for office. I like startups.

Okay, enough about that. I’m super fortunate to have an amazing girlfriend, a super duper son (who also likes building and green real estate) and his family, including three super duper grandsons. And great friends all over the planet, which is still fun to explore.

Perhaps I will find more uses for this reincarnated website. Please enjoy the ride.

Andy Fusso
September 2016