Saturday – Kutira, Winna, Mary and I left our hotel at 7 am to walk a few blocks for coffee at the home of Patrizia, whom we met at the textile museum. Her husband was formerly a diplomat and the country’s foreign minister. On the mantle was a picture of his meeting with Bill Clinton. Their house was filled with art and rugs from their time in Afghanistan in the 1970s.

Patrizia also has a tour company and deals in jewelry. She showed us photos of a trek to a valley and temple in eastern Bhutan, usually off limits to foreigners. The pictures were incredible so we thought it would be great to go there! (Note: We are in fact coming back and doing the eastern Bhutan trip in November 2016!).

Mary and Winna bought jewelry, and as we were leaving we again met Patrizia’s Italian friends – all were getting ready to leave for the Jolohari 10 day trek, which is spectacular and grueling! I need to get more exercise…

The morning was leisurely, packing and catching up on writing and email. It was the last chance for shopping but I had bought everything I needed, though not everything I wanted. Then it was off to Paro after lunch.

We checked into at the hotel at the culinary school and shortly had dinner with Khenpo Phuntshok Tashi, Director of the National Museum and a noted Buddhist scholar and author. He has a local television show and travels extensively throughout the world. And he’s quite a raconteur! It was yet another, very entertaining and enlightening evening.